DESTINY KING HOMES is 2015 and 2018 international award winning Real Estate Profitable Firm established to suit your demand of services both in the area you want it and how you want it to be rendered. We are no longer convincing people to buy into real estate through us because our outstanding records are speaking for us. We have been in existence since November, 2013 up till date we are still committed in making difference in the labor market. We have over Three Hundred (500) Potential clients in Nigeria and over a Hundred (100) potential clients in diaspora.

DESTINY KING HOMES is number one (#1) choice of every Real Estate Investors; Government Officials and Bodies, Corporate Companies, Group of Individuals/Clubs and people at homes whenever it comes to buying and selling properties in Lagos and Nigeria at large. Our services are one of the best, first ever witnessed in the Nigeria.

At DESTINY KING HOMES, we first of all verify all documents of properties brought to us by land owners (Both Primary and Secondary possessors) by doing our due diligence search. After the confirmation of the validity of the land documents, we will also confirm the genuineness of the party (Land Owner) that brought the deal to us and confirm the awareness of relatives if is from the family or consult Omoniles (the family/rightful possessor of the land) if its from a developers. After confirming all genuineness about the land, we will push it to group of people who are in different sector of Government, Private Established companies, group of individuals and other persons like you who has the capacity to own a land or building in Nigeria.

Every property marketing/selling under DESTINY KING HOMES are genuine which we also encourage you as the buyer to do your own due diligence search to confirm what we are giving to you and it value.

Buying a property is as easy as A B C with us, you will find out that after you have purchases real estate property from us, your mind will be at ease with your two eyes closed while sleeping. Individuals who we have served since our existence will tell you our breaking records in the Real Estate Industry history. We are one of the best Real Estate Sector in Nigeria in terms of Facility Management, Consultancy or Realtor Services, Real Estate Marketing and Investment system. We are set to standout from others with a very huge difference as a registered body under the Corporate affair Commission (CAC) Law of incorporation. We have win so many awards since our existence which are backup to our Standard and Record.

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